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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news on hundred and 20,000 people expected to come through sfo today. we are live at the airport to give you updates on flight conditions coming up. a developing story out of israel and bus explosion in tel aviv. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in egypt. the bay area waking up to wet weather this morning on the busiest travel day of the year. to get you morning is faster return to seoul reporter jackie sissel who joins us live from oakland. >> good morning, the roads
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are still wet. two things with a wet roadways and another surprising thing so early in the morning is there seems to be a lot of traffic out here the morning before thanksgiving. lots of rain came down overnight and in the last 10 or 15 minutes the rain has stopped but you can see still lots of standing standing water on the roadway. also traffic you won't have a huge commute morning but a lot of people are headed out for a thanksgiving. traffic is starting to build out here kind of surprising. >> the good as it is there's no crazy traffic out this morning at least for you are at. where we seem showers as of now erica? >> the most have been
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inconsistent rain is in our east bay valleys. concord the willow pass and parts of antioch as well. not so much for jackie sissel is in downtown oakland. showers continue for walnut creek in the will catch a dry break heading into the rest of the san ramon valley. we have showers for the eastern portion of highway 24. no wet weather to talk about are the bay bridge or in san rafael but we do have the possibility for some pop up showers. we will see breaks of sunshine into the afternoon but the rain will persist for interstate 580 over the altamont pass approach in downtown liver rmore. parts of the pages over highway 237 but again a dry break. the showers to push their way east. heavy rain for the santa cruz mountains and will continue to push its way towards mt.
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to iran. we have some rain right now and issues of visibility for parts of the note north bay and parts of the coast as well. temperatures will be in the '60s later on tonight was a clear conditions, called wanda. it will get chilly and i will have your extended forecast in just a bit. >> several hot spots this morning and i will tell you about what's blocking and because the backup. in san francisco we of the traffic alert the 1 01 south are 280 south at 1 01 a garbage truck caught fire. the fire is out and under control but crews still have the two left lanes shut down. they're turning defeat accident on the way shortly. give yourself some extra time. good news for the peninsula southbound 1 01 in third of the overturned accident is finally out of the way. we have problems with flooding in the area
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now. if you see flat it lanes make sure you reduce your speed. you should reduce your speed driving of this rain anyway give yourself extra time and space between cars. pish also give yourself extra time between livermore in the altamont pass. a jackknifed daybreak continues to block the three left lanes with traffic crawling in both directions. >> today as one of the biggest days for hollywood holiday travelers. will tran is that s f o. >> this is one of the most busy airports because they expect a 3% increase. it is not busy right now because the first wave of flights took off this morning. the catch is that the flights are coming in a little later are delayed that means people could be stuck here.
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we could eventually see the long lines, around 730 or 8:00. especially with the rain coming down of this time. the first place this morning or not a problem. the planes were already on the ground overnight with crews already here ferreous so easily that is not a problem. if you're traveling today and they expect 120,000 people to come through sfo. did you think you're going to take off the day before thanksgiving? >> eai was going on that day. i'm going to canada. >> is it frustrating for you? >> this is actually pretty easy. there's not much of a lineup but i guess of a bit crazier during the middle of the day. >> what time is your flight? >> 935. >> hopefully will be
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delayed. then you and get home. if you're sitting at home all you care about is the big board as far as departures and arrivals. departures so far everything is on time san diego and dallas chicago, everything is on time as far as the departures. this is the key and mrs. laird later in the morning and 9:10 a.m. and 9:50 a.m. i will let me know if there any changes that will happen at sfo. >> we will keep our eye on travel throughout the day today. >> the latest video coming out of israel an explosion and televisa aboard a bus. 20 people injured. the blast blew up right across the street from the military headquarters in tel aviv. no
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fatalities but 20 people injured is the latest report coming out. the explosion comes among them dead and an ongoing israeli. hillary clinton has arrived in cairo and her diplomatic push for a truce. she arrived just half hours after the bomb blast. she is to meet with egypt's president today. she is trying to piece together this field to and the rocket attacks. 130 palestinians have been killed and five israelis have also been killed. we will be back when the kron4 news continues.
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among the dow fell just 7 1/2 points in the nasdaq and s&p also small changes. the unemployment report came out from last week and there's a shop sharp drop in the number of americans filing. is still elevated to the super storm sandy. a lot of people can i get to work and a lot of businesses still closed across the northeast.
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the great prime minister warning that greece's future hangs in the balance. 56 billion euros prolongs this feature the certainty of greece. they are facing a messy the fall that could threaten the entire eurocurrency. the tough economy making an impact on thanksgiving. tight family finances mean many americans get their summer vacations this year and rely on relatives for air fare. airlines are struggling to save a money on fuel. and that led to a jump and air fare and also higher gas prices for a thanksgiving. aaa says the number of travelers will be just little up from last year. >> consumers are thinking about drbuying a tablet.
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anyone planning on buying one of those devices should probably hold back to be able to get a tablet. apple leads the list by 25 percent of people polled. 15 percent said >> they will buy amazon kindle fire and only 8 percent named the new ipad mini as their first choice. eight percent said they are looking into the microsoft surfaced tablet. >> i will get the ipad. the average american family will spend about $50 on thanksgiving dinner this year. the price of a thanksgiving dinner for 2012 increased just slightly. it went from $49.27 from last year. the drought has not seen in retail just yet but
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will hit the hardest in the next three to six months. a look outside at the bay bridge in yes traffic is picking up outside. the busiest travel day of the year. a full check on your busiest travel day of the year. a full check on your weather and get 36 months interest-free financing through thanksgiving weekend at sleep train, and save $400, $500, up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. but mattress price wars ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend, at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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am i here is some video from
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yesterday around the bay where it rained a lot. in the evening it really poured over night, i could hear that as i was trying to sleep. i did still see the rain this morning. >> when i came in this morning over the bay bridge it was really coming down but he said the rain is starting to taper off now. >> yes lotus are tracker 4 and we are starting to see clear conditions for the peninsula and the north bay. we're still currently raining for some of our east bay spots but a lot of that rain has pushed east and we're picking up heavy rain right now in the santa cruz mountains. we can still see pretty heavy downpour for walnut creek up through concord. higher rates for and the court things occurring after the san ramon valley and the bay bridge over into san francisco as well. you need to use a wrench a wiper in spots but the rain is relatively spotty. it is dry
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for the altamont pass but interstate 580 approaching livermore we are picking up some rain. the south bay, light rain right now in milpitas and it looks like we're starting to dry things out in san jose. just because it is dry now does not mean it will stay that way. we have the potential for some pop up showers until about lunchtime. if you're contending with the rain you their chances you are seeing some fog. visibility is compromising concord to just 2 mi. there. about 2 mi. for fairfield and about jive with extra caution. we of wet roadways and limited visibility. we will see clear conditions into the afternoon with pockets of sunshine on tap. mid upper 50s and the south bay. similar conditions and the east bay mid-60s all across the board. a cool 63
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in downtown san francisco and 62 and about no and palo llama. the afternoon high in berkeley later on today at 7 day around the bay highlights more mild weather on the way. thursday turkey day looks to be a dry one with mostly sunny skies. and we drive with most of you waiting in line of black friday. we will continue with mostly cloudy conditions as we start with the next work week. >> we have lots of slow traffic and several slow spots to talk about with the rain out there. take it easy and give yourself lots of extra time heading out the door. southbound to 80 at 1 01 a garbage truck broke down and caught fire. emergency crews are on the scene but they said the two left lanes coned off. the fire is out and out under
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control they're just cleaning up. it is a minor delay. that is rare ride between livermore the optima past all lanes are open eastbound 80 after greenbelt. there is an accident involving a jackknifed big rig and finally got that out of the right way and the damage is done. the commute direction westbound is backed up up to highway 1 05 near the altamont. had antioch towards pittsburg uridine just a bit of a break because it was slow again once you get nearer to 42. the ride in december and cisco of the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up and if you have fasttrack you will base indefinitely say some time. the metering lights are on so give yourself extra time into the city. the san mateo bridge had earlier stall but it is out
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of the way. the golden gate bridge has been a troubled free ride it throughout the morning. it would take about 25 minutes to get out in about an to seven cisco. >> the jury has their hands down the death penalty and to a man convicted of killing two people in the richmond center fell toll plaza. 49 year-old nathan breast should be put to death. you may remember that he admitted to shooting and killing deborah ross and her friend chelsea covered the third at the bridge's toll plaza and 2009. he thought they were romantically involved. he had previously been in a romantic relationship with ross. he told jurors that this lanes were justified. a person was struck and
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killed by an amtrak train that was in route to sacramento. the accident happened last night shortly before 7 at the intersection of 105th in eds ave. none of the 160 passengers were hurt. >> dozens of computers another crash on a stall in from san francisco elementary school monday night. the break-in at george washington called for elementary school occurred at 1:00 in the morning. neighbors are currently being interviewed to find out if they saw or heard anything. >> that is quite sad that they're taking from the kids. in this neighborhood we are ready struggle with other issues. >> that is really sad how could they do that. this is for the kids for their future. >> they're taking away the education for the to their future. they really need these computers. >> more than $40,000 in equipment was stolen. school officials said they will try to figure how replace it
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after thanksgiving break. oakland police arrested three suspects in connection with a string of cellphone robberies'. this is an and on the prime form for most of the year. a woman was robbed of her cell phone and north of and by three suspects. within minutes and if you spots away the robbers strikes again. what the thieves did not know was that the cell phones would give them away. the suspects word to juvenile and one adult. >> we will take a break it is 6:21 a.m. here's a look outside. we are following the rain out there and it is a bit wet as you head out the door.
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>> on the busiest day of the holiday season amtrak will begin using additional cars today. there will be added to sandlot team and capital corridor for extra thanksgiving holiday capacity. >> we have new video showing hikers running for their lives as a volcano wrapped in new zealand. you can see them running for cover. tsk if you can see the plumes there of black dust and ashes are rising up in
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the air. you can hear the panic in the voices of the people there as their running for cover if. the reds and was completely unexpected and they got out in time before anyone was hurt. black elk and energy as stop the search for a person that was missing. they're wrong about flow of the philippines was employed by grand isle ship yard. they said tuesday night they would focus on the victims and their families including those injured in the incident. 42 year-old elroy corporal was found over the weekend. 4 people remain in the hospital with injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> violence rages between how moss israel. a teenage boy has found a way to give
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citizens a warning to take cover in case of a rocket attack. it is a new app called color red. it has been down loaded more than 130,000 times. the 13 year- old boy behind the idea lives in brushy but. the act has worked so well even the israeli government is urging people to download it. >> watching wall street is a fairly quiet trading day today. the chinese company has a lot to give thanks for in america. other going public in the md united states using $82 million they be doing today. they have a social platform that allows people to vindicate the of voice and video and text. they're about to make a lot of money. we will bring you the numbers on wall street right after the break when the kron4 morning news continues in just two minutes.
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we stand for farmers owning the company; for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering from their commitment to excellence. we stand for that.
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>> of macy's face giving day parade rain in the opening bell. up hoping for a little less cold on wall street as we head towards the thanksgiving holiday. markets will be closed tomorrow and trading again on friday. we are expecting some drop in the trade in the americans filing for unemployment. we'll have more on the markets with rob black coming out in about 15 minutes. but looks like we're slightly lower in early trading on wall street. >> keeping an eye on the weather we have a live picture of the east bay. we are following the wet roadways and oakland. jackie sissel is on the scene
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giving us a first look. >> there are lots of early- morning rain coming down pretty consistent here. so you're looking at northbound 880 and a few minutes ago the rain stopped but there's still a lot of standing water on the roadway. a lot of people are going be heading out, more attractive than i thought this morning considering is the wednesday before thanksgiving. a lot of people head to grandma's house for the thanksgiving weekend. traffic is starting to build out here but the good news is you're probably not have to have the wish of wipers on much longer. >> we'll find out more about the weather as we turn it over to arafat and the weather center. what you see on storm tracker 4? >> it looks like the rain is really tapering off and the
6:32 am
bay area. we have some lingering consistent showers and some of our east bay spots. as we zoom and highway 4 over they will pass approaches to of to is still contending with some light rain and to walnut creek but we are dry. we are good to go coming down the east shore freeway a little light rain and the altamont pass. most of the salary activity has pushed its way south. they 80 corridor you can see is currently raining in downtown san jose right around san jose mineta. that ban has pushed its way into the santa cruz mountains. dry with extra caution and certainly if you are heading down highway 17. the wet weather has pushed its way closer to monterey. we have fog compromising visibility for our north bay and east bay spots. some are
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of thanksgiving sunny skies with temperatures on the mild side. a mix of sun and clouds and high pressure building over the entire bay area. we'll have more on your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. >> the rain is tapering off but you still need to drive at a roost speed read deuced. we have had numerous spinoffs this morning all around the bay area and still lots of slow traffic. livermore, our house about finally cleared after green bell. sajak live truck was blocking for a couple of hours. not so bad and the east down direction is to slow after green bell. it is related to new direction that is trollope'crawling from 2 05. give yourself lots of
6:34 am
extra time there. the 1 01 of the 880 split even see northbound traffic is all jammed up. it is backed up will be on highway 680. if you're trying to get through the airport give yourself an expert extra time. the traffic alert was canceled and all lanes are open and traffic to it has recovered nicely. >> by friday is almost here and shoppers are continuing to live up to get 2 more news faster return to seoul reporter mike pelton. he is light outside best buy in pinole. the people come out their tents this morning? >> the last hour about a half a dozen people have woken up. understandably they say it is difficult to sleep in the parking lot. some of them slept in the cars over night because of the rain. those who did sleep in the tens said some
6:35 am
of the rain did get through what what did you expect. it is all part the experience. i caught about 6¢ total and they are at the best buy waiting for heart friday. -- tents they would tv's and x boxes and they say that justify spending a whole week out here. the woman in the red forty-niner jacket got out here sunday afternoon, she is the first in line. she and her daughter stay out here for the last 16 years a step in mind the first pick up everything in the store. they insist this is just not just about saving money but the experience. they have made a lot of friends. as for thanksgiving, her mother is excellent, on the part and lot on thursday tomorrow and bring a turkey with all the fixings. to bring a whole meal for everyone who
6:36 am
is camp out at to have thanksgiving. they say this party experience as well. not to the line as we've seen in recent years. there are about six tenths. is still plenty of room. at the store opens on friday and if you get out here early you'll get a slice of turkey on thanksgiving. you will not miss anything in that regard. >> on i remember early monday morning we were taking shots and we saw the stands out there. did you ask them if they are working? did they take vacation time to do this? >> they plan for this every year. they've been doing this since 1996. they plan ahead and take time off of work and everything you're doing. they have a pencil and for next year already. they are fully prepared to take a week off everything is getting to come out and camp out in front best buy.
6:37 am
>> i love a good deal like anyone but these black friday shoppers are definitely not messing around. >> new this morning the talent and is claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing outside a u.s. military base and, today. 2 men live themselves out and this is the aftermath. they killed two afghan guards and wounded five civilians. police believe this is the bombers were trying to attack the american baseball were spotted by security guards. the shiite muslims commi we will be back as the kron4 morning news continues.
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we are back on the kron 4 morning news following today
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one of the busiest travel days for holiday travelers. if you have a flight that is taking you to chicago. dense fog has canceled 90 flights, causing mhundred more than hundreds of flights out of o'hara. >> thank you james if you plan on getting seconds this thanksgiving how about a group walk after dinner. a study finds that the holiday meal with all the trimmings has about 1,600 cals at about 40 g of fat. if you go overboard you could end up eating 4,000 cals are more. that are abois about 2000 more than any person is a day. a
6:42 am
person would have to walk briskly for five hours and more. the danger still getting second try. >> a highly respected medical group thinks that birth control should be sold over the counter made more a cesspool. the american association of gynecologists and obstetricians say will be far fewer on one of pregnancies if over the counter for control was available. there is now more evidence that the pill is safe and effective. the fda says is willing to meet with any pharmaceutical company interested in selling contraceptives over the counter. >> let's take a live look at the chance that freeway. james more with your forecast coming up in a minute.
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good morning sex:45. 10 people have been injured in a bus explosion. in tel aviv israel. the blast comes amid an ongoing israeli operation against cause of a mosque rulers.hamas rulers. wetr across the bay area this morning looking live at the bay bridge it is busy on the busiest travel day as a year. best tackle the forecast in just a bit pitiful look at the forecast. >> if you are watching wall street the dow up 26 points. 12,00814 and early we search. we had the unemployment numbers come out to day. they're kind of false because of the
6:47 am
hurricane. weekly u.s. employment benefits applications fall to 410,000. superstar said it distorts figures. we will see employment improve next year fiscal cannot and all back into 2013. i like where we are. my advice that-we had this big dips as that of freaking out many think is an opportunity to buy stock. >> john deere had their profits come out this morning. i am not man enough to get out a john deere tractor but i dream of it. the largest agriculture
6:48 am
accord maker. about 3.2 billion again we know you are up and down 5%. long term nothing will undermine this company. the man's will rise as much as 10% in south america. we will have your airplanes available so travel demand is peaking. long retell holiday season with early thanksgiving when. now to the end of the year will top fiscal quick and how the holiday sales might. housing in demand for autos looked good. we are all over 2013. >> looking at the latest
6:49 am
with some of our cameras i have here on the caltrans website to sea with the weather is like. it is translating into snow in the sierras. there you see that is wet. there is not a lot of snow on the ground very i think you have to go about 7,000 ft. to see the snow. let us find out what the weather is like here. we know it is raining but how long will the right?. >> good morning annie. >> we're not seeing too much in the way of snow is a cold range in addition you not need to change if you're heading in that direction high with 50 or 88 right now. the main front has passed through scattered showers on the back in mainly in the east bay.
6:50 am
light rain for highway 4 over the will pass. no raining 4680, highway 24 clear conditions over at the bay bridge. again puddling on the roadways. no right to talk about for interstate 5802 livermore. it could be drying your neighborhood does not necessarily mean it will stay that way. pop of showers are now milpitas highway 237 redwood city the bayshore freeway drive with extra caution. most of the wet weather has pushed its way south we are picking up some heavier rain at more constant rain los gatos and to the south. highway 17 is a messy ride. heavier rain in the santa cruz mountains and ride around boulder creek. take a look at your visibility that is compromised. we have ground fog to contend with a mile of visibility for half moon bay along fairfield. if you
6:51 am
are not getting rained on you cannot see much that is the problem today. fortunately we do not have that many people out on the roadways. into the afternoon temperatures will be in the mid to the upper 60s. fremont 64. 65 for sunnyvale. similar conditions for the east bay. we could see pockets of sunshine. mid-60's for pittsburgh at antioch. low sixties for downtown san francisco. 62 for novato in petaluma. vallejo and 65. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows high pressure is going to build in the bay area with that crowded skies temperatures warmer. fairweather is mr. the next work week robyn. >> thank you erica although the rain started to taper off we still need to use extra caution when driving. chp still responding to numerous accidents where cars are the drivers i said
6:52 am
are running off the road. drive at reduced speed give yourself space between you and the cars are around you. give yourself extra time before heading out the door. the bay bridge toll plaza ttraffic busy. if you have fast track will save time. the lights are on it will be a stop and go commute up the incline heading out towards treasure island. more cars on the san mateo bridge no major problems. it is crowded as you work your way between the nimitz freeway and highway 101. your ride across the golden gate looking good traffic at the limit north and south bound into and out of san francisco. over at the traffic map on the east shore freeway busy off and on. no major problems balls of brown university ave. it will be sluggish out of the heading towards the open maize then you will see a bit of away at the bay bridge toll plaza. highway
6:53 am
580 an earlier problem east down with a jack knife big rig that has cleared the commute direction westbound is still crawling through the altamonte into livermore and finally loosens up before you reach highway 680 spirit still recovering from an earlier accident from 101 still crowded as you work away from the south bay to the peninsula. >> the n.c.a.a. singles boring game record has been shattered. jack taylor of iowa put upin a 179- 174 division when picking. he was 27-71. we will take a quick break on the kron 4 morning news as we go a quick reminder you can
6:54 am
catch dr. phil right after the kron 4 morning news. >> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news stars now. thank you for watching crime kron 4247 news. >> authorities found a body of a man fell in a quarry last night described as a body of water surrounded by steep cliffs. behind the
6:55 am
rock ridge tops into the victim was found. his name is not been released. authorities are still investigating. >> the jury can down the death penalty to a man who was convicted of killing two people. 49 year-old native burris was convicted and sentenced be put to death. prosecutors say burris he thought ross and everett were lovers he had previously been a relationship with ross. riske explained it was justified. >> the puppeteer kevin clash has been accused of having a relationship with a 15 year- old man. he was accused of having another relationship with a under age man was got
6:56 am
the man later recanted. >> port of oakland workers will be back to work after a daylong strike employes are upset about proposed salary and benefit cuts. the strike started monday at 9:00 p.m. and in a tuesday night oakland mayor jean quan brought the two sides together for additional talks there sa. those are few te stores were following things for watching the kron 4 news bay area channel.
6:57 am
welcome back the time this 6:57. president obama will continue and and a tradition and pardoning to thanksgiving turkeys. this year the two birds come from a virginia farm. the public of all of faceboowill vote on fh turkey should be the one for is given dinner. >> the letter asked
6:58 am
americans to forgo meet and go with a health care option by kato turkey or roasts. >>toa turkey. coming up on the kron 4 morning news at 7:00. tamara's that is giving will find out the updated forecast erica. we're monitoring at s f o any potential delays because of the weather. cal is looking for a new football coach. gary weis then. gary ways in.
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